Posted by: luvineopets | December 30, 2008

Remember Puzzle Pirates?

I’m hooked because of the poker, but there’s also hearts, spades, swordfighting, rumbling, etc. And that’s only the parlor games; there’s bilging, sailing, navigating, carpentry, gunning, etc…
Here’s MY pirate(if this dang widget will work~) or you can use this link to sign up; View my Pirate Page

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Posted by: luvineopets | December 17, 2008

What I was just talkin about :D

Awesome isn’t it 😀 Weeell, looks like I got less than 2 hours to update. Let’s see how much I get done ^_^

Posted by: luvineopets | December 17, 2008

HEY guys!! :)

After a little…rehabilitation, I’ve finally found some spare time to update my blog. Some of you may have seen my video i aired on youtube, about the historical site blahdey blahdey blah, but I’ma try to keep up now. I actually like makin vids, but I don’t decorate my channel like most people do, so I’ll try to do that. One reason why I’ll update is because of the overwhelming number of COMMENTS, but I’ll explain it all later with my new vid I’m making. Glad to be back! 🙂

Posted by: luvineopets | August 21, 2008


hey guys….ehhehehe…long time no see, right? well, 1. i went on vacation for 2 weeks and 2. i did that ‘oh im bored with wordpress’ thing again lol. well; heres a little review of whats happened or happening –

  • The member penguin contest was won. So you can stop commenting now! haha 😀
  • Club penguin’s really different. new designs on outside of igloo, new player card, etc.
  • im goin back to school soon. which means even less updating… X]
  • Michael Phelps is pwnin all of you haha (=

i was gettin some msgs the member contest was fake…yeah….no lol. but anyways i’ll update l8r im tired 😀

Posted by: luvineopets | June 13, 2008


Ok, guys. The big thing that you’ve all been waiting for but I didn’t announce ( :q ) . It is: THE PASSWORD TO MY MEMBER PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But of course you have to earn it. Simply go to the Contest 2 page for details.

P.S. There is still the Find & Win, and Contest(UPDATE!) pages that have prizes on them!


Posted by: luvineopets | June 13, 2008

Water Party!

Whoo-hoo, another water party! This time, they gave out 3 Free Items! They brought 2 back.

1. Yellow Inflatable Duck, Cove (OMG they brought it back! :D)

2. Ice Cream Apron, Plaza (They brought this back =\)

3. Shell Necklace, Beach (Cool NEW Item!)

They also made a new room, where you’re on a whale! It’s located to the left of the iceberg. There’s also a glitch in it if you give a tour there it’ll be for the Tree Fort from the Medieval Party.

Now, why I’m updating so late is because I stayed up all night until 12:00 am PST for the Water Party. But when I got there, and the free items, etc., I was soo tired I just decided not to update, so I slept in after that lol.

Also, there’s a new play at the stage, The Penguins That Time Forgot. Check it out!

In other news: I won’t be able to update the rest of the weekend (much) bcuz i have 2 parties(in real life) to go to 🙂

Posted by: luvineopets | June 12, 2008


I just downloaded Hypercam 2, and hopefully I’ll figure it out so I can make some vids. But for now, I gotta get some sleep – It’s 11:47 pm, and I’m stressed out cuz my cell phone cant erase AnYtHiNg! grr! [P.s. New signature!]

– [Mc] Luvin

Posted by: luvineopets | June 12, 2008

Mission 8 sneakpeek! :O!

<!– –>




If you look closely, you can see it’s a hole. You can see part of the lighthouse. I think we get trapped underwater! (I believe the top looks like ice, or maybe its water. And then you can clearly make out the bottom, it looks like a sea!) Could it be the hole from Ice Fishing, where we started this quest oh so long ago? Only time will tell.

Any other guesses? I’d love ta hear ’em!

Posted by: luvineopets | June 11, 2008

Hmmm (update x2!)

I have made some funny pics with my member penguin, that will be add to the [[funny pics]] page. Here they are:


I have updated the Club Penguin Sections cheats and glitches! Woo! Go check it out, it has that new cheat smell!

I’m going to work on funny pics, and then some cool stuff for you guys. (Since I’m stuck in my house all day!) 😦

Posted by: luvineopets | June 9, 2008


i am now very happy that i have a member penguin to use. Its first official appearence will be at 5:00 pst (2 pm eastern) at Game Junky’s party. INFO:

When: June 9th

Time: 5:00 pm PST

Where: Dock

Server: Frozen


Hope to see you there! =]

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