Posted by: luvineopets | July 30, 2007


OMG wow!!! I hung out with rockhopper!!! I just went on a random server, hung out at the lighthouse. Made a band, when… evry1 left!! I thot it was weird, so i went outside and ROCKHOPPER WAS THERE!

He wanted us to catch fish on the shore. Then we had to cook the fish, so we went to the cove. But the fire was too big!!!! We had to run in the water. We burned our fish, so we went to the Pizza Parlor. We ate some pizza, and he left.




  1. that must of been so cool!!!! what server did u meet him on because have’nt found RH yet
    Luvineopets: People that say that Rockhopper is on the Parka server is usually a lie… I found him on the server Crystal. 🙂

  2. ya right no you didnt
    Luvineopets: Yes, I did. If you want proof you can meet me in Club Penguin and see my background. >.<

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