Posted by: luvineopets | August 7, 2007

Ya know…

ya know how i found WordPress?

I was obsessed with Runescape for 3 months.

I made 747K.

I was lvl 56.

I got friggin hacked and lost it all.

I friggin cried, ppl!! That’s how obsessed I was……..

I got so mad, I was trying to find where to warn other players of these people.

Well I found this but I was bored with that idea. lol…

So I thought to make it about Club Penguin.

I don’t know why I made the other cheat pages cuz they’re kinda useless lol.

So that’s my story!!

I laughed, I cried…

I should make a movie about this.

I mean it’s gold right there!

😀 Rofl 😀



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