Posted by: luvineopets | August 16, 2007


I had a very weird dream(s) last night.

  1. i had a dream that they updated CP in a really weird way.. I couldnt figure out how to operate it. Also, the were giving micky mouse clothes away (you know, like free items?) and you used a webcam to dress up your penguin. say if you put a green tee on, your penguin would have it on! it was weird…
  2. I played psychonauts on the PS2 b4 I went to bed. and what i dreamt was really wierd – I got to the part where you get a door thing to travel into other ppls minds… I went in to all these people and the were just freaky!
  3. I dreamt that I dated this guy named Zach? we broke up, and he wanted me back… he would follow me everywhere. even in the bathroom.. lol. He looked like Cappy on Greek (the TV show).

So, over all, it was MESSED UP! lol…



  1. lol wierd.
    Luvineopets: yes. very weird.

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