Posted by: luvineopets | September 2, 2007

You kno what’s sickening?

that ppl ban [password box] accounts…. it’s not cool yo. So now I will make the password box password protected from now on. If you would like access to the p.b., e-mail me your answers(below) at

1.) How many accounts do you have? Were they made by you?

2.) How olds your penguin?

3.) How long have you had (or looked at) a WordPress Site W/ CP Cheats?

4.) If your friend asked for your password, would you give it to them?

5.) What would be your first guess for the password for this random account: Penguin 777

6.) Have you ever gave out a penguin’s password? If so, where?

7.) You just hacked an awesome account! Would you ban it, or keep playing it?

If I think you are A OK, I’ll give you the password with an e-mail reply. If not……. well, you better hope not.


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