Posted by: luvineopets | February 24, 2008


That..IS…ITTTT! i am TIRED of just posting. just…paging. i am going to roll out LOTSS of contests!!!theres 3 alredy started, alot more to come –

1. Win a penguin called ‘Luvinepets’ – has a marshmallow stick! perfect for whoever missed that one special weekend last summer!

2. you could be 1 of THREE owners on my chat!

3. you could have a page dedicated to YOU for 1 MONTH!

4. You can BE MY BUDDY on cp!

5. i will devote my time to getting you 10,000 coins!


but there’s a catch. i will not be doing ANY of them – until i get 30,000 hits! you dont want to be waiting MONTHS for this special offer, do you?? then start ADVERTISING my SITE now!!

but…WAIT! there is MORE! if YOU advertise my site the MOST, you get all of the things listed above!! THATS RIGHT! YOU GET EVERYTHING!!


if i get 30,000 hits in less than 1 MONTH….I will give TWO MORE LUCKY PEOPLE all that is listed above!! AND I WILL STILL HAVE THE CONTESTS!! 😀

arent you happy???? i bet you ARE! now go and AADDVVEERRTTIISSEE!!!!!!!!!!!

–Luvineopets– 😉



  1. ok

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