Posted by: luvineopets | April 6, 2008

Wow, omg.

I update yet another part of my site. I have a new poll(in widgets!), new e-mail, , and will now spend my day writing more stories/poems. =] i just wrote a poem about cp (a lil stupid tho) ;D

I also updated the Games Section by giving it a new name, and adding Aqua Grabber to it. Plus I updated the pin, clothing, and free items sections in the club penguin page, and re-copied the new news. yea, alot.

I have some new ideas, and I’ll tell you about them later. The little ‘hint’ i gave you about on MySpace(check it if you dont kno what im talking about!) will be here soon . its expected release will be on Tuesday! But, no-one has guessed what it is. If you get it right, you get a bonus thing, so give your guesses to the Request Page.

if you have any cool ideas, questions, or comments i’d be happy to hear them.

Also: I’ve noticed im almost up to 24,000 hits! thats awesome, guys. at 25k i will have a party!


 my spam blocker has blocked 3,159 spam comments. so sad =`(

Ok i kno u r getting a little annoyed now, but also:

im gonna be making new pics of things OTHER than CP. (ex. Planet Cazmo.)

_* |_ (_) \/ | |\| *_


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