Posted by: luvineopets | June 7, 2008

?Red Helmet?

To be honest, I am totally flabbergasted.Does anyone kno where the red construction helmet is from? I was dressing up in my summer clothes when i found it. I never remember getting it, so….?

A Mystery? Just the kind of excitement I need! For the next week, I’m searching all over Club Penguin to find the answer to this question – What’s the red construction helmet from?

Of course, you can help me too! Giving me ideas of how to solve it. Well, my first instinct – Club Penguin Staff! I’ll contact them, then post their reply.

Merry Summer! – Luvin



  1. The red construction helmet is from Server Testing back in April. Anyone who helped test servers and get rid of a few bugs got it. The server testing was part ok the CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project) which is coming up with new and easier ways for Club Penguin to work.

  2. Lol, its the CPIP tester Item! I have it too.

  3. Interesting!

  4. The cpip server test thats where its from for testing servers you get a gift

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