Posted by: luvineopets | June 13, 2008

Water Party!

Whoo-hoo, another water party! This time, they gave out 3 Free Items! They brought 2 back.

1. Yellow Inflatable Duck, Cove (OMG they brought it back! :D)

2. Ice Cream Apron, Plaza (They brought this back =\)

3. Shell Necklace, Beach (Cool NEW Item!)

They also made a new room, where you’re on a whale! It’s located to the left of the iceberg. There’s also a glitch in it if you give a tour there it’ll be for the Tree Fort from the Medieval Party.

Now, why I’m updating so late is because I stayed up all night until 12:00 am PST for the Water Party. But when I got there, and the free items, etc., I was soo tired I just decided not to update, so I slept in after that lol.

Also, there’s a new play at the stage, The Penguins That Time Forgot. Check it out!

In other news: I won’t be able to update the rest of the weekend (much) bcuz i have 2 parties(in real life) to go to 🙂


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