Find & Win

This will be the 2nd contest since im brainstormming ideas!! lol. Anyways, these are the contests that have no limit of time.

Secret Contest!

This is where I describe something on Club Penguin, you will have to locate it, tell me where it is and/or take a picture of it.

You have to find:

12 (big) beads. The pattern is red, white, blue so there are [4] red, [4] white, [4] blue.


A crack in a board.


1.) There are no time limits.

2.) The first person that posts on the whereabouts of it wins.


You win a Penguin of the Week*


Thank y’all for entering!! Hope you find it soon!


*You must include your cp name, and a pic of your penguin.




  1. wut do u meana weblog site? i already have wordpress.
    Luvineopets: Oh, sorry. I meant WordPress… I get confused sometimes >.<

  2. when is the endin day for this competion and i wanna enter it do i need scanner i dont have one and any hints to find the mouse can i get it wiv me or do i look at it and tell u its location?
    Luvineopets: No, you dont need a scanner.. just tell me where you found it, and if I verify it and its right then you win. Theres no time for this contest, the first person wins.

  3. um u know the mouse can u give u any hints bout it bout is location like a riddle
    Luvineopets: Well it wouldn’t really be fun then, would it?

  4. and um wots the prize answer right away
    Luvineopets: Its winning Penguin of the Month, and I will display ur WordPress site if you have one.

  5. sorry man where is it i cant find it

  6. heres a guess is it the mouse on the screen right next to me which i click on everything is
    Luvineopets: It has to be in Club Penguin.

  7. darn just my luck

  8. is it mickey mouse because we joined up with the disney network
    Luvineopets: WILL YOU LISTEN????? IT HAS TO BE IN CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. is it near the mine cart game eh! answer me rite away plz
    Luvineopets: No!

  11. yo answer it

  12. i hate u tell me where it is

  13. hmmmm… this is weird. i looked in every room AND zommed in… where could it be… can you give us a pic?
    Luvineopets: Are you SURE you want me to end the contest, with noone winning? I thought it would be quite easy… hmm.

  14. just cancel the contest no one is going to win it

  15. I found it but i dont have a wordpress should i tell yous
    Luvineopets: NO! That’s the whole point of the contest!

  16. i know were it is but not much use for that

  17. its in club penguin hahahahahaha
    Luvineopets: ….?

  18. its in club penguin get it?
    Luvineopets: Yea. I get it. Just shut up if your just gonna be a newb

  19. is there a mouse

  20. is it in the coffe shop
    Luvineopets: ….no…



  22. i think i saw a cracked surfboard on a mission that has to do with the survival of wilderness and i think the beads your saying is the color we buy in our player card and if im wrong plz……….. END THIS CONTEST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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