Dragon Fable

I won’t lie, I’ve been on Dragonfable for 9 months. I don’t have many chances to get on it, so I’m only a lvl 13 mage. But I do have a baby dragon! I don’t have many cheats/hints, so i’m open to ideas. Post it on the request page, please!

How to Get a Baby Dragon

My memory may be a little foggy, since I did this quest a while ago, but I do have the basic details. First you talk to Ash or Twilly or whoever. The quests you can find from different people. I got them from Twilly, Valencia, and Robina. Anyways, most of the quests are easy until the last quest, with the Doom Kitten. MUAHAHA! I suggest getting a good water weapon. I just got a Battlespire Novice Staff, but you can get whatever. Once you’ve defeated him, go talk to Twilly and he says about a secret cave. Go there and pick your egg! I don’t think it really matters which one you choose, but you can take your time if you want. Once your done, talk to Twilly and the egg will hatch. YAY! Now you have a baby dragon! You can feed your pet, train it, choose it’s element ( e.g. Light, Fire, Nature), customize it (DA only!) and even bring it in to battle with you!

Defeating Pro Pain and RotGut

I just defeated them, like, two minutes ago. I just got my baby dragon, Artix, and Valencia. But it was close though – – with 5 hp to spare! I recommend getting fire and light weapons, the best you can find!

Current Events

Seems that Xan has replaced someone in Falconreach…. with a SPY!! We’ll have to figure out who it is, and fast……

Yay! They’re updating Mages(Finally…)!

Rogues are next on the list 🙂

Artix has released 4 new random quests, you can do them by talking to him in Falconreach.


I don’t know very many ‘cheats’…. but, I know this one ;-D

Talk to Twilly, and in the bottom-right corner of the page there’ll be a ‘minigame prizes’ button of some sort. It’ll tell you to enter the secret password from the minigame. What is it? Moglin Punting? Something like that. Anyways, enter the password as followed: kthxhat! And it will open up the special shop!







  1. dude this is awesome thanks
    Luvineopets: Your Welcome 🙂

  2. thx 4 tha cheat it waz funny hatz! hahahahaha i like my new twilly hat
    Luvineopets: Yea I got a Twilly Hat too 😀

  3. hey i cant get the dragon egg I tried all thing but they dnt work do u ned to have a DA to get 1?
    Luvineopets: Ummm, no…. you don’t……..

  4. That password is out of limits 😦 can you please give me a new password :(?
    Luvineopets: It worked for me….?

  5. To get the egg u need to beat all the sneevil quests (‘cept 1), save the preistiss, and do all robina + valencia quests, and then you’ll hav… 5 eggs? (4 are vultragon eggs)
    Luvineopets: Ah, yes. I forgot about those, ‘cuz I alredy did them 🙂

  6. The password dosnt work plz find out the new one
    Luvineopets: Well it works for me! There wouldn’t be a new one >.<

  7. Where is valencia? i cant find her… or him… i dont know how to get 2 him…. ty
    Luvineopets: At falconreach keep goin right. There will be a purple haired girl eventually. Thats her.

  8. Thankyou. My friend John told me a password for the minigames and prizes botton. It didn’t work. Do you have a dragon amulet? I do. What did you name your dragon? I named mine Safira. (sa-fe-r-a) What color is your dragon? Mine is light blue. Like a safire. That is why i named her safira. if i made here green then here name would have to be Esmerelda but that is my caracter’s name so it didn’t make scence if the both of them had the same name.

    Luvineopets: Lemme guess you named your dragon after Saphira in the book Eragon? LOVE that book 🙂

  9. lol i love this game but i need a dragon amulet=Þ

  10. People people, don’t worry about the password that Luvineopets
    gave…..I think he made a mistake…..the new password for the minigame prizes is “kthxHat!” without the ” “. Hope it helped.

    P.S. I just got my dragon and I don’t have Dragon Amulet
    can any of you guys give me tips.
    Luvineopets: AHEM HE?!?!?!?! not cool yo. well, anyways, the one thats on my site worked for me, so. Tough.

  11. Oh srry she

  12. have u ever though of makijng a adventure quest page?
    Luvineopets: Yea. But I havent played it in a while!

  13. for all of u i say that varlick is the best allie hes

  14. for those who doesnt know the password for that minigame is kthxhat! dont forget the ! or it wont work

  15. and can i feed my dragon faster i dont have a DA and i dont have time to feed it once per day
    Luvineopets: Yea I kinda got bored with that, too. In fact, I stopped feeding it… lol. But you could buy dragon coins so you could buy the 2 stats-per-day food.

  16. were can i get a lvl 13 or less warrior water sword (I dont ghave a DA)

  17. never mind

  18. pass off shop moglin

  19. do i realy get a free DA for beating doomkitten 200 times?
    Luvineopets: 😆 … that’s a joke, right?… Why would you get a free DA?….

  20. i dont know some guy told me so

  21. You can get a pet dragon with out a dragonamulet you just need to buy it food feed it and give it ability points then you can equipped it. 🙂

  22. what tipe is the best tipe for my dragon?
    Luvineopets: Well most of the people said either light or fire… mine is a light dragon for now. 😀

  23. im saving up for a doom weapon!!! yay!!! how do you train your big dragon?

    (P.S, thats not my real e-mail address)
    Luvineopets: you feed him… and train him….. whats so hard about that?

  24. oh and if you beat gananananana, or whatever his name is you will probably get a water weapon (though once i got this pipe thing)

  25. warlick is the most powerful friend right?
    Luvineopets: ….? You use friends? Haha.

  26. u rock i love the cool hats!

  27. i like zorbaks the best

  28. can you still get the helm of 300 flames i really want that

  29. with friends i beat monsters double stronger than you

  30. how do you defeat the quest BrickHead????

  31. wow! If you click Heal 3 times u get free potions!!!!!!

  32. wahts your ID?

  33. witch lvl do i unlock final blow?

  34. i always wonderd how dou switch classes like from rouge to mage? or warrior?thnx!

  35. Anyone here excited about tommorow’s pirate and ninja class release?

  36. witch is the best armour (clothes)?

  37. I use friends to (level 18). It rocks to have 1 artix (100/100) and 1 artrix (160/130) and 1 light dragon (30 points in attack). I can do any amittyvale quest in 3 minutes, and most of them give good rewards that sell for 200+ gp. That way I can make 4000/hour… which is pretty damn good..

  38. how do u get warlic as ur friend

  39. yo how do i get aq enchanted battle core or a normal battle core for dr zorbat for him to make me a robot

  40. hi man im new to the game and ive just reached falcon reach and i need to know where can i get a enchanted battle core or a normal one thanks mate answer as soon as u can plz
    Luvineopets: Battle Core – Do that quest from Dr.Zoltabolt or w/e his name is. Enchanted Battle Core – u have to buy it from some store w/ dragon coins or something. Just know that its something member…..

  41. Umm Wat’s the Mission before the Doomkitten and If Someone knows How to Get A bag Of Salmon Or just Knows how to get Passed That mission: Your All Wet PLZ Tell me At planetexpressshim@yahoo.com. I’m Trying to Get A Dragon Egg.
    Luvineopets: All you do is just do the missions Twilly gives you! It should be easy cuz i figured it out when i was like lvl 9!

  42. but the ony quest from the doctor is to kill that big machine monster he made
    Luvineopets: ….yea….. thats where you get it from

  43. Hi guys, its me again and I am here to give some teips. First of all if you want to know how to get dragon amulet or gaurdianship for free, email me at grakshith@yahoo.com to know, and I don’t need your acount details like password or anything secound of all if you wanna see my Adventure Quest character go to http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=20956853.
    Third of all if you wanna se my Dragonnfable character go to http://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=7627759 by and remember to email me if you wanna know how.

  44. o really but i only keep on getting scrap metal i got 18 now or 21 forgot and i havent got a battle core yet!! u tell me weres my battle core

  45. thanks these cheats rock

  46. it not work!

  47. yo what is a DA
    Luvineopets: Dragon Amulet

  48. safe i needed that cheat im a lvl 29 warrior and lvl 29 rogue

  49. yo helper nice adventure quest account look at mine m8 http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=19997676
    does any1 hav any tips on how to get lots of easy gold on adventure quest or dragon fable?

  50. can you email me or answer me how to ride the dragon not only in the quest
    “Titans of Battleon!”

  51. The Brickhead Quest for Warlic isnt available to non-DA. So how am I supposed to get a dragon? Did they change it? without Brickhead the rest arent unlockable.

  52. need 1 password to enter the sjop in minigame

  53. who can give me 1 password

  54. mm twilyn not fight much

  55. may i have a dragon amulet?

  56. I have the Helm Of 300 Flames


  57. omfg i cant find the cave of fire only mt shine

  58. hey everyone What color are your dragons if you have one mines green and he’s got a beard!
    oh and the enhanced battle core is in the store in falconreach but you need dragon coins to get it…

    If you want to battle my lvl 14 guy the number is…… 13667450 and thanx for the password for the hidden store i got zorbak’s hat

    I’m a fairy boy on my file x3

  59. How do you get Warlic as a Ally (apart fom during the xan fortress quest) I have a all right cheat for 2 artix’s in your team
    Equip artix in falconreach as friend “B” and go amityville and go right thn up and press team up Useful for fightin skeletons

  60. I am a level 17 mage my id is “12374216” if you whant it i whant to know when you unlock final blast!

  61. some one plz tell me how to get a free dragon amie if its possible

  62. can u help me.

    i cant do the part when u go to worlick can u help me plz

  63. awsome! thanks! oh, by the way, it took me a whle to get the password right because of the exclimation point. Just to make that clear to anyone who’s having trouble

  64. how do i buy a DA) with out $ i onlt have pounds

  65. how do i buy a DA) with out $ i onlt have pounds not dollers plz help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  66. i love the twig punting hat…… =) thz for the password!!!!!! it worked for me

  67. 😀 :p 😥 ^.^

  68. :d

  69. hey guys can any1 help me with my question? any way how do u lvl up ur dragon or get points to train it.

  70. bray u need to feed your dragon

  71. click baby dragon go to buy food normal dchow (dragon chow)and go back and feed dragon click normal dchow and then click train dragon 😉 =) =D

  72. this game is so awesome ddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudesssssssssssssss…



  75. how do u beat the thing in the new quest called “box of ninjas”?i cant beat him…

  76. Free Dragon Amulet Using CE…………………
    1.open your ce
    2.login in dragonfable
    3.type in the hex box or cheat table 6 and there must be a 1 address in the box in the left \
    3. double click it and right in the value box how many dragon amulet you want
    4.there you go
    5.enjoy dragonfable

  77. the password does work it’s probley not workin 4 u ppl cuz ya not puttin the ! in it

    its kthxhat!

  78. to levle up your dragon u have to have a DA

  79. gettin a free DA iznt possible

  80. 7354402 iz my charicter id if any 1 wanna try to fight me …!-_-

  81. whoeva iz #13667450 i cut u and um only levle 14 ya lvl 16

  82. how do respond to ppl

  83. for the miniprizes the password did not work

  84. what is the the password pleas it don’t work waaaaa

  85. yo ppl check out my adventure quest acc
    look how much gold i got

  86. scroll up n den click on da link i sent

  87. Dragonfable.
    Very easy to hack. Give me your account and I’ll get you up a few levels / give you a bunch of gold. I won’t take your account, because I can hack my own. I got double-upgraded doom weapons in one day. Hacking involves changing the final exp and gold you recive from killing monsters in quests, which are actually stored as clientside data, meaning it is possible to hack it. However, the game stops you from saving over 2000 free exp / money per monster, so it’s not an instant level 100 thing. It just makes things damn faster. E-mail me at nexusspectre@yahoo.co.uk, or just post (but that may be risky) your account details. I could post instructions, but this post would be way too long. Hell, if you want, make a fake account with a level 1 character for me. I can hack it and return it. Just happy to help.

  88. Oh, and everyone else, learn to spell. You look like fricking retards (plenty of offence).
    Just to add, because gold and exp are saving on AQ the moment you recive them, the data is never stored near your computer so I can’t hack that. Same goes for MechQuest until they release quests.

  89. Oh and (sorry to triple post :O) but I have proof. Check out my character Tigerflare at http://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=201801. Sorry, took me some time to find the adress. After further investigation, Dragon coins are also never stored clientside. Tough luck folks.

  90. And time for something entirely different:
    Full heals in mid-battle:
    First find the ChickenCow armour (Dragon coin shop or the World destroyer quest thingy in Amityville) and equip it.
    Go into a battle. Fight for as long as you can, and when you are near death, unequip the armour. You will go into your class armour with full HP. This also works outside battles. However, you may not requip the armour in the battle again.
    This little trick is fantastic for boss battles.

  91. the cheat works but u have to put ! at the end of it

  92. ive only gots punds i not gots dollasi wants DA !!!! >.<

  93. how do u get da dragon amullit man i badly need it help man plz

  94. how can I baet the quest with the rats

  95. how can I beat the quest with the rats

  96. hi im a dragonfable player….im giving awey my account for an dragonfable level maximum 30 and he has to be guardian or dragon lord……if u want this account level 37 u need to tell me on my email>kkkean98@yahoo.com.
    thxxxxx bye.

  97. And, you’re still all being silly.
    I won’t lie here. I’m only 13. And yet, It’s really not that difficult to figure out, say, -how to buy something from the internet- (example courtesy of Micheal) or the fact that -money is money, the global bank is gonna convert it for you anyway, and it’s not very hard to go and find a money conversion website like xe.com, I beleive that the DF and AQ team actually suggest that one-

    Either everyone here is actually mentally retarded, or damn good actors.
    Mico is also being a fake know-it-all. Adresses such as that are -never- stored clientside, and due to proxy and firewall protection it is damn near impossible to alter encrypted account data without a direct connection and real tools. I can easily make real tools, but I lack a direction connection.

    People, please, learn how not to be stupid. I think you’re lowering my intelligence just by posting crap like that.

  98. whare do you get a powerfull water weopon

  99. thanks but can u give me another cheat for the shop?

  100. frozennova please hack

    do what you do best

  101. whats the passwprd for the shop it dident work

  102. can we have a dragon amulet by defeating doom kitten 200 in dragon fable

  103. How do you beat Brick head I only have a warrior lvl 9 and the faries kill me in five battles and how do you get dragon coins if you don’t have a DA

  104. thank you!

  105. you can please do to me the quest with dragon egg please ??? if you have ICQ this will be great mY ICQ: 412931897

  106. wahts the secert password that you say to open a shop?

  107. can someone help me get the ninja armor my account is zachcvzach and password is cvzardccvvzzaarrdd

  108. I am wondering, how you can battle real live friends?

  109. I wish people could send a dragon amulet and dragon coins.

  110. he samdog the pimp you can not get warilc as a frined

  111. someone type 38325226 at the pvp place there can type what there you tell battle id battle them

  112. Hi am new to this thing but i am a good DF player so..Wanna know how to attack backwards?Email me or ill post it later.Micocuizon@yahoo.com
    Also My character is named mico.
    heres my account num i use to be stronger but i got the erge to change armor colors am lvl 8.
    And plz i need help getting a free DA.

  113. OH wait heres my account num sorry

  114. dude that cheat was so totally awesome thnks man you rule

  115. yeah!!!yeah!!!yeah!!!yeah!!!yeah!!!yeah!!! im level 40 (neeeeet) giant dragon dragon lord armor third frost giant xan revenge beat xanta claus sea cutless dragon amulet warlord scepter mage lord scepter level 35 dragon frostvale box so stop showing off

  116. final blow at level 18 it tells you

  117. how can i beat doomkitten easier way plzzzzzz help 😦 please

  118. pls tell me wat lvl learn fanla blast or 2nd last skill

  119. i did most of the quests to get a dragon im at the warlics quests and im at the your all wet quest but when i go to try and get to the waterfall or w/e it is but it always says this area is coming soon do u need a d.a. to go there

  120. how the hack do u get a chickencow armor l’m a level 40 rogue do u need to equip a sir ten wepons or something ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. can any one lelel 40 give me their id so u can join my battle i need help

  122. ahh i need a da how much is for one

  123. if you dont get the password try kthxHat! you include the !

  124. if you cant get the chicken cow armor you have to get them for 45 dragon coins note: you need to purchase it in cysero’s shop note2: to get dragon coin you have to get your parents to buy you some note3: you can get it when puchased a dragon amulet

  125. The best way to defeat doom kitten is to get a chacro or charco in osprey cove (pet)

  126. to ride dragons you have to click train on dragon quest dragon amulet holders only

  127. how can i convert coins to dragon coins!

  128. what is the password for secret shop and moglin punting thing

  129. hey how do you get good darkness weapon if you don’t have da

  130. hpw do ya get dragons ????????????

  131. i mean how do you get a dragen????

  132. please give me a Dragon Amulet

  133. what is a ce

  134. please

  135. me got a green dragon called draco

  136. thats not fare because u have to pay money from ur bank for a dragon amulet

  137. thats not fare because u have to pay money from ur bank for a dragon amulet:s
    why cant u pay by phone
    Luvineopets are u the boss of drag fab

  138. can you give me a dragon amulet?or an account with a dragon amulet? i really love this game but honestly can’t afford an amulet…..i’am in lvl.9 andi got my baby dragon when i was in lvl.7…….i think i deserve a free amulet……plz respond


  139. i know why the password for secret shop isnt working you need to put a ! at the end try it all the people that said it didnt work.

  140. thanks dude umm i once had a level 0 but my friend deleted it it had xan’s revenge on it but it got deleted sooo if u can give me such an account like that please do so..

  141. my last responce was wrong it should be level 40 sorry

  142. thnx dude i got funny hats due to your password

  143. Any one who wants to beat doom kitten get the shimmer from warlic then get artix and valencia on your team then you can pwn that retarded cat

  144. hey does anyone have a cheat for getting ALL the dragon amulet advantages
    plz tell me soon!!

  145. the real password 4 twilly is kthxHAT! and yes u have 2 do u exlamation point

  146. where can i find that one guy that i have to defeate to get his ruble for brickhead quest and do i have to have a dragon ammy to have a dragon??

  147. the hats are funny lol but wher i can get the quad force??? cuz im finding it =/ but i got 2/4 ='( plzz tell me=]

  148. where do i find the battle core i cant find it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  149. where is artix in falconreach? i can’t find him

  150. pls tell me how to get how bag of salmon thing ( I know its at southen waterfall but how do you get there???) pls comment on directions as I want my baby dragon lol

  151. got such thing as lvl 40 meh??? I thought highest lvl was only 35???

  152. thanks alot i needed it but were do i get better weps

  153. how to you get to floating earth cave

  154. how please

  155. Læs får at vide hvorrdan du får 2 Artixer på dit hold: først skaf en Artix i Amytvale og sørg får at han er på plads B. To tal med den lille pige i man ser lige når man kommer til Amytvale. Tre tal med pigen og tryk på “The past?” og vælg den knap hvor der står “Well”. Når du finder bossen i questen så ville der komme en Artix ekstra på plads A.

  156. can u give me any good cheats like how to get hats plz

  157. what!? you guys are crazy I am a level 25-26 and I know how to get a dragonamulet without buying it what to do is you know the doomkitten kill it 200 times without to die and WALA! you will have a dragonamulet
    hope you enjoy your dragonamulet
    p.s fight my mate his ID is100000

    happy fighting!

  158. i no alot about dragon fable i no everything i no how to get a free dragon alumt and free dragon coins and free monny also i no how to get free pets and i no how to laev up for free i am laev 67 already i no every cheat in the world for dragonfable and i played for almost 2 years

  159. also the guy who made dragonfable is my older brother and he toght me everything so if u need me just tell me

  160. please help me, i want get free dragon amulet….. however i am indonesian *SOB * and when i read this FaqS (maybe) if i can beat this doomkitten 200 times i can get dragon amlulet so where i can beat this asshole! (help me please quick answer!)

  161. Help2 Pleasee i baking You all!

  162. hey go to anytimavale and do the yaga stone quest but kill the yaga sisters and guffer and you might get a chickencow lord armor cuz i got it 2 daii

  163. so what

  164. dude im a level 25 rogue named sexy babe and if yu want to know more about mine well go to youtube and search dragonfable sexy babe contest and youll see name of account in youtube is jascintrap

  165. hey can have your dragon fable ids?i am a level 18 warrior

  166. oh and do u have a dragon amulet?

  167. u shold try playing adventure quest,mechquest or adventure quest world.oh here ism my rating for these games. aq:very bad
    aqw:not bad

  168. hello?

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