Game Cheats Section

*NEW* – Aqua Grabber Update!

Aqua Grabber – YAY! They updated it! Now you can get a treasure chest (worth 100 pts), and a pearl from the oyster(wait until it opens its mouth.) And, you can bring ur pink puffle along! When u almost get all the water full, the puffle blows a big bubble for you. =]

Astro Barrier – Was there a level you just couldn’t beat on Astro Barrier? well, when your on the main page, just type in 1, 2, or 3 to go to level 10, 20, or 30. Also, do you wish those helping pages during the game would go away? Well I don’t. You can use your ship there, and get yourself a couple of bonus points doing that. Between levels 30 and 31, though, wait about 30 seconds. A ship will appear, it should be blue. Shoot it.

Catchin waves – I usually enter the competition,because you can do it repeatedly and you can get serious points doing the tricks they tell you. My personal fave is the Blender, keys S and D or down and right. The trick is get away from the wave. You’ll have more time to do your trick. Then you go up and do your trick and hold in the mouse button, and keep it that way so you can grind your way to 200, maybe even 300 points!

Judges.jpg Club penguin ... image by Aito-Uzumaki

Also, you can bring your red puffle along with you! It’ll be on a mini-surfboard.

Thin Ice – A while ago there was an article in the newspaper about a cheat on level 19.


Ice Fishing – If you use worms to catch the Big Fish, Mullet, then you’re never going to get him. You have to save a fish you caught and catch him with that. Also, move your mouse up or down really fast so if there are multiple fish on the screen you can catch them.

mullet.jpg Club penguin image by Waddles1061

Pizzatron 3000 – You can make candy pizzas on Pizzatron 3000!! On the main page, on the side of the machine there are 5 levers, which are colored either red, green, or blue. look to the right of them and there is a red lever and two icons, one pizza and one a pink bow-tie of some sort? anyways, click on it and it will be on candy mode!! heehee!!

pizzatron3000secret.jpg club penguin image by lol_zombeh

Sled Racing – I have found that if you’re in the last lane to the right (when you start out) that you’ll never fall.

Cart Surfer – Here is the top combination I do :

Down + Space, Space + Right, Space + Left, and keep doing that combination. When theres a turn coming, stop what your doing and hit Down + left/right, depending what the turn is.

Other combinations include:





Space + right

Space + left

Space + down

Space + up

up + left

up + right

up + up

down + left

down + right

Jet Pack Adventure – This is really secret…. if you manage to have no coins at the end of the game, you’ll get an 1,000 coin bonus!! Yes, it really works. I did it myself! It takes some practice to master it.


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