The Hidden Puffle

The Hidden Puffle

  Luvineopets looked around, yawning. It was her puffle’s daily morning breakfast of puffle-o’s, but he was nowhere to be seen in the igloo. She had no time to wait, either — she had to get to work! She put on her tour guide hat, and tidied up a spilt bag of flour.

  “Oh, Puffleson! Puffleson, where ARREE you?? You know I have no time to wait!” Luvineopets filled his dish with the puffle-o’s and went on her way. She noticed the puffle door, and thought maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

  When Luvineopets got to the town, everything seemed fine at first–but then she noticed there were no penguins! She went inside the coffee shop and found several penguins hid under tables and couches.

  “What happened!” Luvineopets said. “You guys look horrified!”

  “G-g-g…” one of the penguins sputtered.

  “D-d-d-ock…!” another one cried.

  Luvineopets got the message and headed to the dock. In the water, a penguin was screaming for help. Luvineopets rushed to the scene and helped the poor penguin.

  “What happened to you?!” Luvineopets asked.

  “It-it-it was REAL! REAL I SAY! Tossed me into the dock, dontcha know!!” the dazed penguin recalled. “It headed to the-the beach, it did!”

  Luvineopets walked ahead to the beach, questions popping into her mind with answers she wanted to know. What was scaring these innocent penguins? What did it want?

  When she got to the beach, penguins were hiding under the beach chairs, and one small penguin stuck its head in the pail, the shovel covering its face.

  “Eeeh! Is it the ghost again??” the young penguin cried.

  “No, it’s just Luvineopets. Oh, Luvineopets, thank goodness! There is a horrible ghost scaring everyone! It just went to the ski village! Hurry and stop it, please!!” one of the other penguins called out.

  Luvineopets was confused while running to the ski village. A ghost?

  Suddenly, a horrible shriek pierced the air. Luvineopets rushed to the tour guide center, where Luvineopets was supposed to show up for work a long time ago. She found a white puffle bouncing on another penguin, dumbfounded. Luvineopets took the puffle off of it.

  “Why thank you, ma’am!” The penguin said, as Luvineopets touched the puffle, suddenly answering all her questions.

  “No problem. I’m sorry to have caused you any trouble — my puffle, Puffleson, had gotten flour on himself, and ran out the door! I guess he was waiting for his daily puffle-o’s where he knew I would be — at the tour guide center. If you don’t mind, I’m going to give little Puffleson here a bath.”



The End








  1. haha nice story luvi

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