Meet Me in CP!


If you would like to meet me in Club Penguin, post a comment with the date and time(Please make it in Club Penguin Time) what server, and where. I will check if I can make the date/time, or if we will have to reschedule!



  1. I whoud like to meet you tommorow on north pole! YOU tell me what time cuz i dunno when ur on and when ur not! email me @
    okey-day? thx!
    Luvineopets: I waited for you but you never showed up!

  2. it might be my grandmas e-mail cuz i did it on her computer! just dont clikc the link type it on new mail


  3. I gotta go to church cuz its sunday in like 2 hours! so sorry man.. next saturday? next sat cuz since my mom AND dad are workin i go to my dads works so saturday? email me.I can email you cuz itll say ERROR:Cannot put input message in right foler
    i dunno what the hell that means so you know my email adress!
    Luvineopets: Yea, i think i can do that.. same place same time. i also have some probs emailing.. well, I dont know if they are still there. once i emailed CP staff like 7 times for the same thing! lol ..<

  4. P.S for august 12 message my bro was useing my computer frogot to change name! So heres my real name now

  5. how about tommorow 1:00 clock in the the afternoon on the server deep freeze on england flag
    Luvineopets: I waited for you… you never showed up…?

  6. yo m8 meet me at the snow forts near the big clock in britain mittens at 6:30 am in club penguin time which is 2:30pm in britain time ok mate is that good enough answer me right away if u can
    Luvineopets: Hmm Britain? Gosh.. 6:30 am for me is 9:30 am. I’ll try my best to wake up then, but I might be a little late!

  7. Yo! Can we meet up at the town in the server Altitude? Like right now at 9:40 CP Time. My username is Allstar 25. See ya there!
    Luvineopets: KK!

  8. yo i was waiting there for so long and u never showed up

  9. lets reschedule how about britain mittens at 8:30 pst near the snow forts at the big clock
    Luvineopets: im SO sorry! I put my alarm for 9, but I went back to sleep…

  10. its ok can u come at the time given britain mittens 8:30 club penguin time which is 4:30 in britain and that is 11:30 in US western standard time right so try to wake up this time ok.
    Luvineopets: Yea, lol.

  11. and for the first time ever you didnt show up evry other time the other people didnt come lol

  12. my username is da memba meet me in the snow forts near the big clock

  13. so meet me at the snow forts at the big clock dont be late answer to this right now
    Luvineopets: WHY DIDNT U SHOW UP…?

  14. anyway can u meet me at britain mittens today 11:00am near the snow forts at the big clock do not be late today remember today. thats 7pm in britain and lemme think 2pm in US western time so come that time today
    Luvineopets: Why do u keep saying western time? I dont need that im not in western.. and dont insult me.

  15. and r u member i need to know because members world are different then free worlds arent they
    Luvineopets: There are no member/free worlds…..?

  16. ok sorry come at that time ok

  17. u didnt come again come on saturday on britains at mitten 8:30 am which is 4:30 my time 11:30 ur time ok tell me yes or no right away
    Luvineopets: Why dont we meet right now?!?! As soon as you see this, go direstly to server mitens to snowforts, K??

  18. ok come the time i given

  19. i wanna meet again

  20. u give me the time and date just email me at

  21. Are you there?? I want to meet up and be buddies. Please respond to this post, and i will set up a time to meet up! PEACE!
    Luvineopets: Ok, I’m here. I had to clean…. >.>

  22. you still there?

  23. post a time to meet up, and hopefully i will see it
    Luvineopets: You are supposed to setup a time!

  24. meet me tomorrow, August 23 at 7:00 P.M. CP Time.
    Server: Altitude
    Place: town
    Username: Allstar 25.
    Luvineopets: Can’t thats to late for me.

  25. Ok, how about tomorrow, August 24, at 1:00 P.M.
    Server: Altitude
    Place: Town

    If you cant make it, respond ASAP, and I’ll try to change it.

  26. hey wanna come to dojo at USA Snow Angel at 3:45 CPT
    Luvineopets: No, that’s 6:45 am for me

    Luvineopets: …what?


  29. luvineopets meet me today a frozen at the night club ok bye

  30. luvineopets meet me at frozen at 9:58 at the night club ok bye and my penguin name is tedmmm78900

  31. meet me at frozen at 10:oo in the night club ok luvineopets

  32. Hey your soo awsome would you email me
    Meet me at the iceburg on northpole in 1 hour

  33. My Nick is Bad1converse and i be in server SNOW FLAKE.

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