My Info

I usually go onto the Server Thermal – – on occasions, different severs, too. I am usually juggling WordPress and CP together so I might not answer you at first, sorry 😀

Wanna Be My Buddy?

I usually never give out Buddy requests. Sometimes I accept the requests, but not just random people – – I might accept the request.

Prepare Yourself

I dont like people who do the frown sign, ya know, being sad – – you will never, repeat NEVER be my buddy if you do that.

I am the master at Tag / Hide and Seek.

I am very, very good at snowball fights. Make sure you pick a team with me in it to win!


You can be on my Blogroll only if you are involved in CP, have at least 10,000 hits, and if you add me to your blogroll. You will have to have the blogroll on your sidebar at all times. If you don’t, i will delete your name off my blogroll.

Or, if we are friends on CP, just add me and I add you 😀






  1. not much of response here

  2. ummm how do u change classes like rouge to mage if u can?

  3. hi luvin!! its me harry. can i be onyour blogroll? ill put u on mine 😛
    Luvineopets: yeah sure :3

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