Posted by: luvineopets | June 9, 2008

Ohhhh Emmmm Geeeeeee!

I. have. just. obtained. A MEMBER PENGUIN! I am NOT kidding. I am soooo happy right now, although it doesnt have all the free items it should Luvineopets has most of them so its ok!! W00T!!

Posted by: luvineopets | June 8, 2008

New Contest!!! (UPDATE!)

The contest is out! Check it out on the contest page! 😀

Posted by: luvineopets | June 8, 2008

I wanna know!

What do you want to see most on my blog?

It can be anything at all. I just wanna know! I wanna make my site the best – for it’s 1st birthday. I wanna get to 30,000 hits by July 4, but I’m gonna need the most help I can get. I’ll do even the small things, like posting the catalog secrets on my posts, or w/e! So comment ur ideas :]

Merry summer! – Luvin

Posted by: luvineopets | June 7, 2008

?Red Helmet?

To be honest, I am totally flabbergasted.Does anyone kno where the red construction helmet is from? I was dressing up in my summer clothes when i found it. I never remember getting it, so….?

A Mystery? Just the kind of excitement I need! For the next week, I’m searching all over Club Penguin to find the answer to this question – What’s the red construction helmet from?

Of course, you can help me too! Giving me ideas of how to solve it. Well, my first instinct – Club Penguin Staff! I’ll contact them, then post their reply.

Merry Summer! – Luvin

Posted by: luvineopets | June 7, 2008

So…Summer already?

Hey guys, guess what.Summer’s here! CP is actually bringing back the Water Party this season…do you think they’ll have another Camp Penguin, too? 😀 [[marshmallow sticks!]] Also, I’m celebrating my blog’s birthday, on July 4! Can you believe it’s been a whole year? :]  Well,, it’s also my birthday too. July 23!

And, new header in honor of summer!

[_ [_] \/ | /\/

Posted by: luvineopets | May 18, 2008

Funny Pics (more to come) added –


Posted by: luvineopets | May 18, 2008

Geez, me and my ideas!


-new funny pics!

-new header! (???!!!!) BUT… i need your help! What theme?

YOU can vote! here are your choices:

-mission theme

-medieval party theme

-funny pics theme

i will be making examples of the headers, but for now, i need you to vote! The first 3 votes will be counted. the winning theme will be my new header. 1 vote per person!

So VOTE now!

Posted by: luvineopets | May 18, 2008

New Ideas –

– Poll (Survey) page

– Pic of the Week widget

i will be working on this 2day.

Posted by: luvineopets | May 18, 2008


hey guys. the reason i havent been posting is well, because , i got bored lol xD but anyways, im gonna update both my sites (cp/pc) and, well, i was thinking…mission help? I just finished the latest one, and i gotta admit it was pretty hard. so im going to be (trying to be) making guides to ALL the missions. =]

Posted by: luvineopets | April 6, 2008

Planet Cazmo–

to answer beztar’s question, a cazmo is a person from the game Planet Cazmo.

I have made a planet cazmo site, !

It will have cheats, glitches, pics of mods, funny pics, etc.

I couldn’t update it yesterday bcuz i accidentaly hit ctrl + alt + del twice, then my pc restarted, then the internet didn’t work :3

so, yea! i will be adding a link to Planet Cazmo to my blogroll(if i haven’t already, i cant remember 8) )


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