[Password Box]

Here you put any unwanted accounts… please list the site to where to use the account, the username, the password, and any other details. Do NOT write any other information, you can talk somewhere else on my blog.



  1. penguins name: sammie jj password:bartman54

  2. is that really true

  3. oh my god its banned for more than two days

  4. anyway heres one wiv a friendship bracelet
    username: King Kong 29

  5. its a real one im not lieing

  6. hah da memba!i hacked in your account!you are not a member
    that sucks!…
    im not a member to!
    peace yall!
    Luvineopets: ‘Da Memba’ is a member. 🙄

  7. user: tipping


  8. these accounts are all banned foreva

  9. name;red vine


  10. i majeseticly give you a member account if its hacked ill send my gaurds to chop your head:

  11. waddle on

  12. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. my

    user name in dragonfable is puppuytomie and the password ….. i can’t tell ya loser’s

  14. my pass is poo blister118
    he is a mmeber

  15. I don’t tell my password but i can tell my nick: Bad1converse

  16. yeah the first one is banned forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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