Here you can ask me any question you like [on the topic of cp, luvineopets, and also blogs]. Here are some:

Q: How old’s your penguin? A: [As of June 7] 559 days old. It’s birthday is approximitely November 24, 2008.

Q: When did you make your blog? A: July 4, 2007.

Q: What do you usually wear in cp? A: Peach color, Wizard Hat, Red/Black Striped Shirt, Christmas Scarf, Swirly Glasses, Marshmallow Stick. For a pin, the Lifesaver ring, and for background the Twelth Fish play background.

Q: Why did you make your name ‘Luvineopets’? A: Because when I first made my penguin I loved Neopets!

Q: Do you play games other than Club Penguin?? A: Oh yea, you betcha. i play endless online, planet cazmo, runescape,  millsberry, neopets, dizzywood, puzzle pirates, dragonfable, adventure quest, and probly alot more. although i dont play much of them often ;D

Q: Will you be my buddy!! A: Ehh. Well, I usually dont accept many requests for buddies on cp, but maybe on some other games!! 🙂

More q&a are coming soon, and don’t be afraid to comment questions of your own! =]


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