You get a chance to win A PAGE DEDICATED TO YOU ON MY SITE for a MONTH!

It will include your CP picture (just e-mail it at iroxmysoxyo@yahoo.com, or give me a link), and it will be up there for a month! It will also include, like, anything else you want.


Simply comment on your cp name with a link to your picture (if you dont have a pic, and you win the contest, i will meet up with you in cp and take a pic of you).

I will write the entries down on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl or something, and I will announce the winner in a post!

Questions? E-mail at (iroxmysoxyo@yahoo.com) OR at the (soon 2 be) forums.




  1. me no have scanner
    Luvineopets: … What does that have to do with the Raffle??

  2. i do but my bro dont let me use im not responsible enough yea yea wotever

  3. Maddie45467-pengy name

    no pic i’ll meet ya on c.p

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